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Abatable is the robo-advisor for high quality carbon offsetting.
At Axiom Cloud, our mission is to use software and automation to transform how the world’s cooling systems are powered, operated, and maintained, in order to generate significant climate and financial impact.
We are the trusted reliability partner for charge point operators. Our EMPWR platform is the only software that combines network and field service to provide holistic reliability insights needed to enable EV charging reliability management at scale. Our workforce development creates a local, skilled workforce that’s specifically trained on the unique issues EV charging stations have in the field. Our technical services provide our customers with experienced technicians that benefit from the scale and breadth of our customer base.
Chargetrip is the world’s leading range prediction and EV routing engine. We accurately predict the energy consumption and charging times for any EV make or model, on any route, across the globe. Say goodbye to range anxiety! Chargetrip calculates routes specific for EVs. We use 15+ dynamic variables to compute your route from A to B, including the optimal charge stations along the way. We guarantee drivers will have enough charge to make it to their destination. By utilizing range predictions and EV-specific routing to navigate the immense number of variables that impact an EV battery, fleet operators can take advantage of the massive cost-saving opportunities EVs provide and future-proof their operations for the years ahead. We make switching to electric mobility easy and cost-effective for both private drivers and fleets. In fact, our SaaS-based API is currently used by over 300.000 EV drivers every month - that’s 10% of EV drivers across Europe!
Copper is a wireless energy monitor that helps utilities leverage real-time energy data to engage consumers with actionable energy insights. The company's product collects revenue-grade data from electric, gas, and water meters to generate insights with practical value and consumer-friendly alerts during peak periods, enabling consumers to reduce costs and save energy.
5 jobs
Datch is an intelligent voice interface for industrial environments. It uses conversations to solve business process constraints, such as time spent on work orders, logging information, and solving problems during equipment breakdowns. It’s the only solution that allows teams to speed up their processes by 90%, and it is adaptive across a number of workflows, from maintenance management through to safety, quality, operations, and business intelligence.
The Demex Group is a technology company that customizes and delivers climate-resilience through financial risk solutions on a global scale.
Element Analytics creates industrial analytics software that empowers organizations to achieve new levels of operational performance. The Element Platform helps industrial organizations easily and rapidly use industrial time-series data for actionable insight. The platform readies time-series data, enriches it with analytically relevant context, and instills trust. It also blends time-series and other operational data with unprecedented high fidelity. With data ready, the platform enables machine-learning modeling to surface reliability, productivity, and sustainability insights for operations.
Operator of a micro-utility energy company intended to bring economic, social and environmental benefits to local communities around the world. The company uses agricultural wastes into productive inputs to create jobs, produce electricity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve soil quality, thereby providing users with an energy production process that is carbon neutral, producing little to no harmful air emissions and create new economic opportunities for small communities.
Everactive's category-defining batteryless IoT solutions unlocks an age of self-powered computing.
First Resonance is developing a manufacturing software platform for modern manufacturers. Its factory operating system accelerates manufacturing and tracks parts and processes from prototype to full-scale production. The company was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.